SWIIM has been deployed throughout mutiple regions to manage scarce water supplies.  The applications for SWIIM, of course, far exceed these example cases as do the regions in which we serve.

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Central Valley of California

Central California Growers Use SWIIM to Monitor and Manage Water Use, Saves Money 

Grower used SWIIM to manage his water use each week, made slight adjustments based upon the water balance curve and increased yields while reducing his overall water use, developing a solid picture of his applied versus consumed water with an accurate water budget.


Coastal California

Coastal California Growers Use SWIIM to Monitor and Report Water Use, Saves Money & Increases Yield

Grower used SWIIM initially in a controlled trial to reduce water cost, identify his irrigation efficiency and look to maintain yields with less water with an eye to accounting for his water use fully in light of recent governmental restrictions on groundwater pumping.


Imperial Valley of California

As The Trusted On-Farm Water Accountant, SWIIM Helps Confirm Savings Against An Established Baseline

Growers participate in their district’s on-farm conservation incentive program, which pays money based on the amount of water conserved. SWIIM was able to certify conservation on their acres under management & act as their trusted advocate when it came time to be paid for saved water.


Northern Colorado

Colorado Grower Used SWIIM and Generated Additional Income

Using SWIIM, grower conserved water and quantified saved water usage; provided it to a dairy owner; and generated new income stream, alongside continued farming with the remaining water allocation for the year, without injuring his water right.

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SWIIM is used on permanent and annual crops and is compatible with surface delivered water, groundwater (pipe) or a combination of both sources on one, or multiple fields. It works with furrow, sprinkler, drip or a combination of irrigation methods within an operation. The system works alone or integrates with common irrigation scheduling systems.

Our easy to read, full color brochure is available detailing SWIIM’s full suite of offerings.