Darren Fillmore, PE

Chief Water Engineer & Project Manager

Mr. Fillmore serves as Chief Water Engineer & Project Manager for SWIIM. He leads the technical deployment team, evaluates agricultural fields and makes water conservation and measurement recommendations for the company’s client base. As part of his duties, he manages simultaneous projects in multiple agricultural regions and contributes to multi-disciplinary product development team. He also advises the board of directors and senior company executives regarding water engineering endeavors and business development opportunities in agricultural technology and is responsible for hiring, training and supervising assistant engineers and field technicians. He also supports the sales team in developing technical sales proposals and fostering relationships with agricultural customers. Prior to this, he acted as the Senior Program Manager and Irrigation Engineer for Imperial Irrigation District, where he led their on-farm conservation projects from 2007 through 2016. Mr. Fillmore earned his Master of Science degree in Irrigation Engineering and his Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering: Soil & Water Resource Emphasis, both from Utah State University. He is a licensed civil engineer in the State of California with standing through reciprocity in the State of Colorado.