Kirk Lyster

Senior Regional Sales Manager

  • (855) 595-4800 x270


Mr. Lyster serves as Senior Regional Sales Manager for SWIIM. He leads direct sales activities in established SWIIM regions. He joined the team in 2017 with the goal of educating growers on the importance of comprehensive measurement; as well as control of their water balance using the advanced methodology & instrumentation SWIIM has available. Kirk Lyster attended the Univ. of Northern Colorado before moving to San Diego. He met his wife, Michele Curiel and moved to Imperial Valley in 1997. Mr. Lyster’s background includes over 20 years of sales and management in the Imperial Valley.  Thus, he has and continues to establish strong, long term relationships. A majority of Kirk’s time in Imperial Valley was spent in the supervision of forage
procurement and export operations. Mr. Lyster is also experienced in the management and sales of Digital & Broadcast media.