Robert Scott

Instrumentation Manager

  • (855) 595-4800  x202

Mr. Scott serves as Instrumentation Manager for SWIIM. He leads instrumentation acquisition and deployment for SWIIM. His experience includes 34 years with Motorola Communications and Electronics. During his tenure there, Mr. Scott led multiple assignments beginning with territory sales of 2-way radio communications, eventually leading to commercial markets. He then subsequently moved into sales management and led several commercial sales teams in both rural and metro environments. He completed his tenure with Motorola as the Senior Account Manager for the majority of Colorado with focus on sales and implementation of county- and state-wide interconnected trunked radio networks specifically for Police, Fire, EMS throughout the state. Mr. Scott retains over 12 years of experience specifically in the agriculture irrigation space at Motorola’s computer based irrigation market, with additional responsibilities in the Fixed Data market division within Motorola. This included volumetric based computer controlled irrigation systems for municipalities, highway departments, golf courses with applicability to high value agricultural crops. Mr. Scott retains significant technical sales experience both within and outside the municipal operations. Raised in the Imperial Valley of California, he attended Imperial Valley Junior College. Subsequently, he transferred to San Diego State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing.