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Nov 03, 2020

Featured Equipment Partner: Senix Sensors

2020-11-03T13:11:33-07:00Nov 03, 2020|

Senix Sensors Help Control Critical Water Flow in Farming and Agricultural Applications As originally published in AZO Sensors, article authored by Senix Sensors.  Link to original article located here:  https://www.azosensors.com/news.aspx?newsID=14162 Farming and agriculture are very strong economies in the U.S. and throughout the world and are key to ensuring that humanity thrives. Farmers are adapting [...]

Oct 26, 2020

WEBINAR: Your OnFarm Water Accountants

2020-10-26T15:21:03-06:00Oct 26, 2020|

Join us Friday, October 30th @ 12 P.M. Pacific time to learn how a water balance is created, equipment integrations, conservation programs and how combining SWIIM with your current equipment package can help growers achieve desired yields and conserve water usage in today's troubling times. REGISTER HERE Learn about SWIIM's use for SGMA compliance, river flow [...]

Oct 21, 2020

Featured SWIIM Certified™ Client: Sran Orchards

2020-10-21T12:57:08-06:00Oct 21, 2020|

SWIIM is proud to feature one of its SWIIM Certified™ clients, Sran Family Orchards. They are committed to growing their almonds in a truly sustainable way and have submitted to third-party water balance monitoring and verification on their almond fields. SWIIM is able to certify that growers have committed to sustainable water use as they [...]

Sep 30, 2020

WEBINAR: Equipment Integration Series: WiseConn

2020-10-02T16:43:10-06:00Sep 30, 2020|

Join us Friday, October 9th @ 12 P.M. Pacific time to learn about SWIIM and its integration with WiseConn equipment and telemetry. Learn how SWIIM, combined with WiseConn can further help growers achieve desired yields through the use of plant sensors, plant requirement recommendations, and data analytics. REGISTER HERE DID YOU KNOW? If you already have, or [...]

Sep 18, 2020

SWIIM Presents at 2020 CA Water Data Summit

2020-09-18T11:13:00-06:00Sep 18, 2020|

SWIIM’s CEO, Kevin France, presented at this year’s 6th Annual California Water Data Summit presented entirely virtually for the first time.  He sat on a panel with Robyn Grimm from EDF's OpenET team (whom SWIIM works with) and Brent Vanderburgh a specialist from the California  State Water Resources Control Board (SWIIM is working on tools [...]

Aug 18, 2020

SWIIM CEO to Present at CA Water Data Summit

2020-08-18T12:26:07-06:00Aug 18, 2020|

SWIIM's CEO, Kevin France, will present at this year's 6th Annual California Water Data Summit on August 20th and 21st. This year's summit will beheld virtually  due to the pandemic and will focus on solutions for water resiliency.  Sustain Southern California and the California Data Collaborative have joined forces in the 5th year of each [...]

Aug 13, 2020

SWIIM to Present at US State Department Conference

2020-08-13T10:34:45-06:00Aug 13, 2020|

SWIIM will be presenting on the US State Department web conference entitled, The Innovation Station: Four Corners" on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 starting at 1pm Eastern Time. Darren Fillmore, SWIIM's Chief Water Engineer and Project Manager will be speaking about innovations in agricultural water management during the session. Through The Innovation Station, the Office of [...]

Jul 09, 2020

SWIIM System launches SWIIM Certification™ Program

2020-07-09T07:00:40-06:00Jul 09, 2020|

SWIIM System launches SWIIM Certification™ Program for farmers as a nod to water sustainability efforts. Crop-water budget accounting firm, SWIIM System, launches SWIIM Certification™ for growers as a nod to water sustainability efforts- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Fresno, CA - BUSINESSWIRE) Agricultural water accounting leader, SWIIM System, announces the launch of a new certification program designed to [...]

Jun 18, 2020

SWIIM Certified™ Signs Continue to Pop Up

2020-06-18T12:24:20-06:00Jun 18, 2020|

SWIIM Certified™ sites continue to pop up throughout each of our regions as new growers join the growing list of clients that wish to acknowledge their commitment to water sustainability.  The pump station shown here is located in Bakersfield and the second is located in Southern California's Imperial Valley (and is providing additional promotion to [...]

Jun 08, 2020

SWIIM as a Service – No New Equipment Required!

2020-09-29T11:51:52-06:00Jun 08, 2020|

SWIIM is proud to announce the release of "SWIIM Software as a Service" model, which requires no new equipment.  If you have already installed equipment for automation or irrigation scheduling, there is a good chance you won't need to install new hardware to take advantage of SWIIM's advanced water use analytics. SWIIM is able to [...]