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Jan 27, 2020

SWIIM CEO Speaks at CA Irrigation Institute Conference

2020-01-27T19:54:34-07:00Jan 27, 2020|

SWIIM CEO Kevin France speaks at the California Irrigation Institute 2020 annual conference in Sacramento, on the topic of the technical skill sets needed in today’s agricultural sector. He spoke about the challenges of combining agriculture and technology, two sectors that historically are very different. Finding employees that retain both the agricultural expertise and the [...]

Jan 10, 2020

SWIIM CEO Testifies In Front of the House on AgTech Innovation

2020-01-10T11:05:19-07:00Jan 10, 2020|

SWIIM CEO Kevin France testified in front of a House subcommittee regarding farming in the 21st century, discussing the impacts of agriculture technology in rural America. Topics included the challenges around surface and groundwater availability, broadband connectivity in these regions and other relevant topics.  He discussed the challenges with ag-tech adoption and the importance of [...]

Dec 17, 2019

SWIIM Featured in Growing Produce Article

2019-12-17T12:18:57-07:00Dec 17, 2019|

Western Growers CEO, Thomas Nassif, authored this article speaking to the need for agricultural technology to help protect agriculture well into the future.  SWIIM is mentioned in the piece. Tech Provides Beacon of Hope for the Future of Ag By Tom Nassif | December 11, 2019 In an accelerating trend, a litany of regulations — many [...]

Dec 06, 2019

SWIIM Featured On RDO Water's Latest Podcast

2019-12-06T16:19:26-07:00Dec 06, 2019|

SWIIM's Business Development Manager Harry Ferdon speaks with host Tony Cramer from RDO about his experience with SWIIM and about the recently-announced partnership between the two companies. SWIIM provides a new standard in water measurement than allows growers to receive an accurate accounting of the water both delivered and consumed on their fields. "Our ultimate [...]

Nov 19, 2019

SWIIM Announces RDO Water Partnership at Growing Innovations

2019-11-19T19:21:08-07:00Nov 19, 2019|

SWIIM enjoyed hosting a booth a presenting at the 2019 Growing Innovations conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. We announced the recent strategic partnership with RDO Water and our partners at RDO Water provided information to many of their clients during the conference. SWIIM's on-farm water accounting platform helps growers track their water allocation and plan [...]

Nov 12, 2019

RDO Water Announces SWIIM Partnership at WG Annual Meeting

2019-11-12T14:58:52-07:00Nov 12, 2019|

Paul McFadden, Director of Inventory and Purchasing at RDO Water announced the SWIIM partnership today at Western Growers Annual Meeting in Hawaii, to a room packed with thought leaders in agriculture.  The strategic sales and distribution agreement is designed to help SWIIM further scale its agriculture water accounting package,  marrying it with RDO's significant distribution [...]

Oct 23, 2019

SWIIM is Featured In CO AgTech Article

2019-10-23T12:51:40-06:00Oct 23, 2019|

HOW COLORADO BECAME A LEADING AGTECH HUB With a blend of farmland and tech innovator, Colorado is poised to solve some of agriculture's biggest challenges. October 8, 2019 / As originally published on Builtin.com:  https://builtin.com/articles/colorado-agtech-innovation Colorado’s mountains are a draw for leading tech talent, but it’s the rolling hills below that drive the agricultural tech [...]

Oct 18, 2019

SWIIM Is Now In Merced at Ag Center 59

2019-10-18T07:00:24-06:00Oct 18, 2019|

SWIIM now maintains a full-time office presence in Merced at the Ag Center 59 Campus, on, your guessed it  - Highway 59.  We stand alongside our partners at Central Irrigation and Water and Land Solutions.  SWIIM team members are available to meet with growers to discuss their on farm water accounting needs. Many growers are [...]

Oct 17, 2019

SWIIM Secures Sales & Distribution Agreement with Irrigation Solution Leader RDO Water

2019-10-17T05:00:40-06:00Oct 17, 2019|

FRESNO--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Agricultural water accounting leader SWIIM System announces today that it has entered into a long-term, strategic sales and distribution agreement with RDO Water, a 50-year-old, trusted provider of agricultural equipment and irrigation systems to growers and water districts throughout multiple regions with more than 75 stores in nine states, and partners with distributors in [...]

Oct 16, 2019

SWIIM Board Member Dave Puglia Selected as Western Growers Next CEO

2019-10-16T20:15:23-06:00Oct 16, 2019|

The Western Growers Board of Directors has unanimously selected SWIIM board member and Western Growers current EVP Dave Puglia, as the organization’s next President and Chief Executive Officer. Puglia will succeed current President and CEO Tom Nassif, who is retiring after 18 years as a forceful and effective leader in the nation’s agriculture industry, on [...]