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Mar 22, 2021

Persistent dryness in the West is exacerbating region’s ‘megadrought’

2021-03-22T10:23:43-06:00Mar 22, 2021|

As published in USA Today, By Dolye Rice, March 4, 2021 Much of the western U.S. continues to endure a long-term drought, one that threatens the region's water supplies and agriculture and could worsen wildfires this year. In fact, some scientists are calling the dryness in the West a "megadrought,"  defined as an intense drought that [...]

Feb 02, 2021

Shrinking Lake Mead inches closer to water shortage declaration

2021-02-02T15:32:45-07:00Feb 02, 2021|

By Blake Apgar Las Vegas Review-Journal - February 2, 2021 Projections from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation show Lake Mead is in danger of dropping low enough to trigger its first federally declared water shortage next year. A study this month from the Bureau of Reclamation, based on the most probable inflow, shows Lake Mead, now at [...]

Nov 03, 2020

Featured Equipment Partner: Senix Sensors

2020-11-03T13:11:33-07:00Nov 03, 2020|

Senix Sensors Help Control Critical Water Flow in Farming and Agricultural Applications As originally published in AZO Sensors, article authored by Senix Sensors.  Link to original article located here: Farming and agriculture are very strong economies in the U.S. and throughout the world and are key to ensuring that humanity thrives. Farmers are adapting [...]

Oct 26, 2020

WEBINAR: Your OnFarm Water Accountants

2020-10-26T15:21:03-06:00Oct 26, 2020|

Join us Friday, October 30th @ 12 P.M. Pacific time to learn how a water balance is created, equipment integrations, conservation programs and how combining SWIIM with your current equipment package can help growers achieve desired yields and conserve water usage in today's troubling times. REGISTER HERE Learn about SWIIM's use for SGMA compliance, river flow [...]

Sep 30, 2020

WEBINAR: Equipment Integration Series: WiseConn

2020-10-02T16:43:10-06:00Sep 30, 2020|

Join us Friday, October 9th @ 12 P.M. Pacific time to learn about SWIIM and its integration with WiseConn equipment and telemetry. Learn how SWIIM, combined with WiseConn can further help growers achieve desired yields through the use of plant sensors, plant requirement recommendations, and data analytics. REGISTER HERE DID YOU KNOW? If you already have, or [...]

Jul 09, 2020

SWIIM System launches SWIIM Certification™ Program

2020-07-09T07:00:40-06:00Jul 09, 2020|

SWIIM System launches SWIIM Certification™ Program for farmers as a nod to water sustainability efforts. Crop-water budget accounting firm, SWIIM System, launches SWIIM Certification™ for growers as a nod to water sustainability efforts- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Fresno, CA - BUSINESSWIRE) Agricultural water accounting leader, SWIIM System, announces the launch of a new certification program designed to [...]

Jun 03, 2020

New SWIIM SoCal Deployments

2020-06-03T06:00:30-06:00Jun 03, 2020|

A beautiful day at SWIIM SoCal as our technical team prepares to deploy multiple new client sites for SWIIM monitoring and reporting services. In 112 degree weather, its warm for this time in June, but it isn't stopping our team from helping growers better understand their water accounting. One of our tools, known as the [...]

Mar 24, 2020

National Ag Day

2020-03-24T10:27:09-06:00Mar 24, 2020|

March 23-24th is National Ag Day and SWIIM celebrates our partners in agriculture.  During these uncertain times, we are honored to be affiliated with this essential sector.  Men and women working to assure that we have food on our table, each day.  Thank you for your commitment to every American, each day.

Mar 11, 2020

On-Ground Telemetry Set Up in Salinas

2020-03-11T18:37:42-06:00Mar 11, 2020|

Upon driving through Salinas, California this past week, we came across a new, compressed SWIIM set-up for telemetry in the field, utilized to gather flow data as a part of the water balance calculations we perform for our clients.  If you blink while heading through the field, you'll almost miss it! This unit sits at [...]

Feb 25, 2020

SWIIM on California Ag Today Radio

2020-02-25T10:53:05-07:00Feb 25, 2020|

SWIIM CEO Kevin France is interviewed by California Ag Today radio host Tim Hammerich about water accounting and the importance for growers moving forward.  He mentions the importance to acquire on-farm water accounting data throughout the season to make effective adjustments, versus waiting until the end of the season.