General Interest

Jul 09, 2020

SWIIM System launches SWIIM Certification™ Program

2020-07-09T09:55:18-06:00Jul 09, 2020|

SWIIM System launches SWIIM Certification™ Program for farmers as a nod to water sustainability efforts. Crop-water budget accounting firm, SWIIM System, launches SWIIM Certification™ for growers as a nod to water sustainability efforts- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Fresno, CA - BUSINESSWIRE) Agricultural water accounting leader, SWIIM System, announces the launch of a new certification program designed to [...]

Jun 18, 2020

SWIIM Certified™ Signs Continue to Pop Up

2020-06-18T12:26:50-06:00Jun 18, 2020|

SWIIM Certified™ sites continue to pop up throughout each of our regions as new growers join the growing list of clients that wish to acknowledge their commitment to water sustainability.  The pump station shown here is located in Bakersfield and the second is located in Southern California's Imperial Valley (and is providing additional promotion to [...]

Jun 08, 2020

SWIIM as a Service – No New Equipment Required!

2020-06-03T16:54:05-06:00Jun 08, 2020|

SWIIM is proud to announce the release of "SWIIM Software as a Service" model, which requires no new equipment.  If you have already installed equipment for automation or irrigation scheduling, there is a good chance you won't need to install new hardware to take advantage of SWIIM's advanced water use analytics. SWIIM is able to [...]

Mar 24, 2020

National Ag Day

2020-03-24T10:27:29-06:00Mar 24, 2020|

March 23-24th is National Ag Day and SWIIM celebrates our partners in agriculture.  During these uncertain times, we are honored to be affiliated with this essential sector.  Men and women working to assure that we have food on our table, each day.  Thank you for your commitment to every American, each day.

Mar 11, 2020

On-Ground Telemetry Set Up in Salinas

2020-03-11T18:37:42-06:00Mar 11, 2020|

Upon driving through Salinas, California this past week, we came across a new, compressed SWIIM set-up for telemetry in the field, utilized to gather flow data as a part of the water balance calculations we perform for our clients.  If you blink while heading through the field, you'll almost miss it! This unit sits at [...]

Mar 04, 2020

When Is My Favorite Food Harvested?

2020-02-27T19:29:17-07:00Mar 04, 2020|

When visiting the 2020 Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Conference in Denver last week, we were pleased to see a produce calendar showing when each of our favorite fruits and veggies are available.  A little known fact for non-aggies....  Now you can reference this chart as needed. SWIIM is a proud member of the Colorado Fruit [...]

Feb 27, 2020

SWIIM at Colo Fruit & Veggie Conference

2020-02-27T18:53:52-07:00Feb 27, 2020|

Robert Sakata, President CFVGA SWIIM attended the 2020 Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference in Denver, Colorado on February 24th and 25th.  We are proud members of this Western Growers-affiliated association focusing on Colorado's agricultural needs.     Robert Mix as MC Roger Mix of Mix Farms led the event, alongside [...]

Feb 25, 2020

SWIIM on California Ag Today Radio

2020-02-25T10:55:36-07:00Feb 25, 2020|

SWIIM CEO Kevin France is interviewed by California Ag Today radio host Tim Hammerich about water accounting and the importance for growers moving forward.  He mentions the importance to acquire on-farm water accounting data throughout the season to make effective adjustments, versus waiting until the end of the season.

Jan 27, 2020

SWIIM CEO Speaks at CA Irrigation Institute Conference

2020-01-27T19:54:34-07:00Jan 27, 2020|

SWIIM CEO Kevin France speaks at the California Irrigation Institute 2020 annual conference in Sacramento, on the topic of the technical skill sets needed in today’s agricultural sector. He spoke about the challenges of combining agriculture and technology, two sectors that historically are very different. Finding employees that retain both the agricultural expertise and the [...]

Jan 10, 2020

SWIIM CEO Testifies In Front of the House on AgTech Innovation

2020-01-10T11:23:40-07:00Jan 10, 2020|

SWIIM CEO Kevin France testified in front of a House subcommittee regarding farming in the 21st century, discussing the impacts of agriculture technology in rural America. Topics included the challenges around surface and groundwater availability, broadband connectivity in these regions and other relevant topics.  He discussed the challenges with ag-tech adoption and the importance of [...]