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Jul 08, 2019

SWIIM/OnFarm Works With 50 Data Partners

2019-06-23T20:38:46-07:00Jul 08, 2019|

DID YOU KNOW that the SWIIM/OnFarm dashboard connects with 50 different data partners, including its preferred vendors. Anything agronomic, SWIIM has a partner for that! This in addition to our delivery, weather and satellite data sources. The dashboard is "data agnostic," meaning if it communicates with the internet, we can likely capture it. Meaning all [...]

Jul 01, 2019

New SWIIM Clients – Central CA

2019-06-20T15:16:30-07:00Jul 01, 2019|

SWIIM has secured new clients - the latest outside of Fresno, and in Kern County these past few weeks.  They are interested in the management and protection SWIIM can provide to their legacy growing operations - and SWIIM backs its data, which means we back your water use into the future.         [...]

Jun 27, 2019

SWIIM Continues to Deploy through SoCal

2019-06-20T14:39:11-07:00Jun 27, 2019|

SWIIM continues deployments through Southern California - the latest activity in Blythe and Imperial, helping grower understand, manage and protect their water allocations with a precision not previously available.  Here, the SWIIM team is checking calibration of a flow measurement device under water located in Palo Verde Irrigation District which sends data every 15 seconds [...]

Jun 27, 2019

Forbes AgTech Summit 2019 – Day Two

2019-06-27T08:07:41-07:00Jun 27, 2019|

          Day 2 of the Forbes AgTech Summit 2019 is underway in downtown Salinas, CA.  Highlights yesterday included a keynote by Steve Forbes, a speech from Western Growers EVP and SWIIM board member Dave Puglia and the CEO of Land O' Lakes, Beth Ford.  All discussing the need for ag-tech to [...]

Jun 26, 2019

SWIIM is Live at Forbes Ag-Tech 2019 Salinas

2019-06-26T10:40:55-07:00Jun 26, 2019|

The Forbes 2019 Ag-Tech Summit is now live and SWIIM is here - come visit our booth in the innovation center and learn how detailed, on-farm water accounting can help you protect your farming legacy well into the future.  Detailed water delivery and consumption reports that not only set your water use baseline, but also [...]

Jun 26, 2019

SWIIM Now Processes 20 Million Data Records / Month

2019-06-23T20:27:21-07:00Jun 26, 2019|

DID YOU KNOW that the SWIIM/OnFarm dashboard now processes nearly 20 million data records a month on average, including water use and other valuable agronomic information, helping our growers protect their water allocations and grow more food with less water.  We use in-field data, regional and data from satellite - providing a multi-dimensional view of [...]

Jun 24, 2019

Walking SWIIM Sites in Blythe

2019-06-20T14:55:51-07:00Jun 24, 2019|

There is nothing better than taking a day out with SWIIM clients to conduct field tours  of SWIIM installations throughout our regions.  Here we are touring an open channel, above-water monitoring site in Blythe, CA.  The sensors on top of the channel transmit near-real-time flow, as it is happening through the equipment located in the [...]

Jun 20, 2019

Learning the Language of Groundwater

2019-06-20T14:29:39-07:00Jun 20, 2019|

By Lori Pottingger, PPIC groundwater (ground·wa·ter \-wȯ-tər, -ˌwä-\ Water beneath the land surface that fills pore spaces in underlying soil or rock. Groundwater is a critical part of California’s water supply—on average, underground aquifers provide nearly 40% of the water used by California’s farms and cities, and more in dry years. But after decades of unsustainable pumping [...]

May 31, 2019

40 Million Reasons To Use The OnFarm Dashboard

2019-05-31T18:41:02-07:00May 31, 2019|

Did you know that the SWIIM/OnFarm dashboard processes over 40 million data points each and every month?  This data includes water application, water consumption, crop stress, climate, soil moisture and other important inputs, dialed down to a field- and crop-level, for every one of our clients.  The toolset provides water balance data not available from [...]

May 30, 2019

SWIIM at Forbes Ag Tech in Salinas

2019-05-31T12:04:55-07:00May 30, 2019|

  Join SWIIM at the 2019 Forbes Ag Tech Summit in Salinas, CA on June 26-27. Forbes has chosen us to be featured at the Western Growers Innovation Showcase for a third year.  SWIIM was recognized at a Top 25 Ag Tech company by Forbes two years running, 2017 and 2018. Visit our booth to [...]