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Jun 08, 2020

SWIIM as a Service – No New Equipment Required!

2020-09-29T11:51:52-06:00Jun 08, 2020|

SWIIM is proud to announce the release of "SWIIM Software as a Service" model, which requires no new equipment.  If you have already installed equipment for automation or irrigation scheduling, there is a good chance you won't need to install new hardware to take advantage of SWIIM's advanced water use analytics. SWIIM is able to [...]

Oct 17, 2019

SWIIM Secures Sales & Distribution Agreement with Irrigation Solution Leader RDO Water

2019-10-17T05:00:40-06:00Oct 17, 2019|

FRESNO--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Agricultural water accounting leader SWIIM System announces today that it has entered into a long-term, strategic sales and distribution agreement with RDO Water, a 50-year-old, trusted provider of agricultural equipment and irrigation systems to growers and water districts throughout multiple regions with more than 75 stores in nine states, and partners with distributors in [...]

Sep 09, 2019

SWIIM Expands Distribution with San Joaquin Valley-Based Ag Service Consortium

2019-09-09T06:00:39-06:00Sep 09, 2019|

FRESNO--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Agricultural water accounting leader SWIIM System announces today that it has entered into a long-term, strategic sales and distribution agreement with Merced-based Central Irrigation and Water and Land Solutions, trusted companies that deploy irrigation equipment and services for growers, water districts and Groundwater Sustainability Agencies throughout the San Joaquin Valley of California. The companies partnering [...]

Jun 28, 2018

Forbes Ranks SWIIM in Top 25 Innovative Ag-Tech Companies for a Second Year

2018-06-28T06:50:50-06:00Jun 28, 2018|

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SWIIM System is proud to announce today that Forbes Magazine ranked SWIIM as one of the top 25 most innovative ag-tech companies globally of 2018 for a second consecutive year. SWIIM first made the prestigious list in 2017, when Forbes initially announced the ranking as they surveyed the agricultural technology landscape by speaking with experts, venture capitalists [...]

Jun 26, 2018

SWIIM Completes Negotiations for Acquisition of Data Integrator OnFarm Systems

2018-06-26T07:20:45-06:00Jun 26, 2018|

(BUSINESS WIRE - JUNE 26, 2018)--Ag Tech and farm water management leader SWIIM System is proud to announce today that it has completed negotiations for the acquisition of Fresno-based OnFarm Systems Inc., a leading Internet of Things data integrator and provider of software and analytics tools that help farmers simplify their data while improving their [...]

Jan 31, 2018

SWIIM CEO Presents at 56th Annual CA Irrigation Institute

2018-01-31T12:00:57-07:00Jan 31, 2018|

SWIIM's CEO Kevin France presented at the 2018 California Irrigation Institute annual conference in Sacramento, discussing the state of water availability throughout the state, and the solution we look to provide. He was a part of a panel comprised of ag-tech companies that are looking to provide solutions to water scarcity and the inevitability of [...]

Oct 17, 2017

SWIIM CEO Featured in Arbinger Institute Article

2017-10-17T13:20:29-06:00Oct 17, 2017|

Why Entrepreneurs Succeed Better with an Outward Mindset By the Arbinger Institute | October 17, 2017 A highly successful CEO and entrepreneur shares lessons from decades of building businesses. His biggest piece of advice? Adopt an outward mindset, even if it seems counterintuitive. Even if it seems impossible. Outward Mindset: The Key for Entrepreneurs SWIIM, [...]

Sep 19, 2017

SWIIM: Quickbooks for your water rights

2017-09-19T12:34:57-06:00Sep 19, 2017|

Throughout his career, SWIIM co-founder and CEO Kevin France has been involved in agricultural development ventures involving water rights, land and natural resources. His experience working with farmers and irrigation districts led to the development of SWIIM®  (Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management®) in 2009. France was motivated by the tragedy of “buy and dry” practices that permanently fallowed [...]

Sep 06, 2017

SWIIM Closes $4.5 Million Series B, Adds Strategic Board Member

2017-09-06T08:00:06-06:00Sep 06, 2017|

SWIIM System announced today that it has recently closed a $4.5 million Series B round designed to support its current growth trajectory.  The round was led by current investors, alongside private equity investor Costa Asset Management (CAM), co-founder of Australia’s largest grower and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables. The transaction includes a financing facility, [...]

Jul 27, 2017

SWIIM Featured in Forbes, Video Interview with CEO

2017-07-27T16:43:50-06:00Jul 27, 2017|

Can This Irrigation Startup Help Growers Thrive During Droughts To Come?In the world of irrigation technology, one eight-year old startup is rising to the top of the competitive pack. Denver-based SWIIM System - formally known as the Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management System - has software that creates a crop-water budget based on data [...]