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Sep 30, 2020

WEBINAR: Equipment Integration Series: WiseConn

2020-10-02T16:43:10-06:00Sep 30, 2020|

Join us Friday, October 9th @ 12 P.M. Pacific time to learn about SWIIM and its integration with WiseConn equipment and telemetry. Learn how SWIIM, combined with WiseConn can further help growers achieve desired yields through the use of plant sensors, plant requirement recommendations, and data analytics. REGISTER HERE DID YOU KNOW? If you already have, or [...]

Dec 19, 2017

SWIIM Interest Continues In CA, CO and AZ

2017-12-19T09:30:59-07:00Dec 19, 2017|

We are now receiving in-bound interest, unsolicited from growers throughout California, Colorado and now, most recently, Arizona. Open channel and pipe-flow water are being monitored - in high-risk areas throughout the West. Monitoring in-channel, at the headgate/turnout and at the application site itself.  Then comprehensive, integrated consumption data is compiled throughout each day, to provide [...]

Dec 15, 2017

SWIIM Activity Continues In Central, Coastal Valleys

2017-12-15T09:30:32-07:00Dec 15, 2017|

Deployments continue to heat up in both the Central and Coastal Valleys of California, with growers and co-ops alike seeing the increasing need for accurate ag water planning and water management.  One client recently noted, "I look at SWIIM as an insurance policy on my water allocations.  The farm management tools related to water are [...]

Sep 27, 2017

SWIIM Checks Measurements in Palo Verde

2017-09-27T10:40:53-06:00Sep 27, 2017|

SWIIM's team doesn't just "install and run."  As a part of our service, we regularly check calibration of in-field and remote-sensed data. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A VIDEO OF THE PROCESS Whether the data comes from an open-channel measurement (as pictured below), or pipe, we regularly check equipment integrity - we believe bad data in, [...]

May 17, 2017

SWIIM Upgrades An Open-Channel Sensor Array

2017-05-17T10:07:33-06:00May 17, 2017|

SWIIM is regularly updating its suite of offerings - software, instrumentation and remote sensing.  Working in multiple regions, for every type of irrigation method keeps our R&D department busy, to say the least. Recently, we made an upgrade to one of our open-channel measurement solutions.The system is entirely wireless and connects to the SWIIM cloud without wires - [...]

May 01, 2017

New Weir Method Under Consideration

2017-05-01T10:13:15-06:00May 01, 2017|

SWIIM is compatible with surface delivered water, groundwater (pipe) or a combination of both sources on one, or multiple fields. We adjust our deployment work based upon local needs.  An example of a new weir configuration we are looking to use in an open-channel application in Southern California. It appears to be sleek and easy to deploy on certain sites.SWIIM works [...]

Apr 28, 2017

Inside Look at SWIIM Master Control

2017-04-28T10:15:13-06:00Apr 28, 2017|

A rare, inside sneak peak at SWIIM's Master Control - watching flow, water consumption and cumulative water balances/ET on a series of client's fields.  See what a water budget analyst sees. ? Our quality assurance team monitors data near-real time.  The system processes data automatically, but if alarm conditions are triggered, we have humans available to [...]

Apr 26, 2017

Continued Deployments in Imperial

2017-04-26T10:17:37-06:00Apr 26, 2017|

We don't find a lack of interest in its planning, management and reporting services in this region.  Our latest deployments include small and large growing operations alike - all of whom are looking for better ag water management tools.  Being the crop-water budget accountants that we are, we are more than willing to assist.It takes a [...]

Apr 24, 2017

New Colorado Deployments (our backyard)

2017-04-24T10:25:41-06:00Apr 24, 2017|

We are returning to Colorado, deploying in San Luis Valley.Site surveying of regional weather stations... we'll use calibrated data, plus additional in-field equipment to balance the water budget.In addition to pipe flows, we may have a weir to work on...Next, we plan to head back north towards our "back yard" where SWIIM was born (Northern Colorado). Next, [...]

Apr 20, 2017

Deployments Head To South San Joaquin Valley

2017-04-20T10:32:20-06:00Apr 20, 2017|

Our team heads to a much needed region to begin bringing our water accounting services - crop-water budget planning, monitoring and auditing.A combination of pipe and open-channel flow sensing, alongside consumption via climate and remote sensed data. When we go to a region, we always add/augment to equipment already there. An example: a weather station we [...]