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Sep 30, 2020

WEBINAR: Equipment Integration Series: WiseConn

2020-10-02T16:43:10-06:00Sep 30, 2020|

Join us Friday, October 9th @ 12 P.M. Pacific time to learn about SWIIM and its integration with WiseConn equipment and telemetry. Learn how SWIIM, combined with WiseConn can further help growers achieve desired yields through the use of plant sensors, plant requirement recommendations, and data analytics. REGISTER HERE DID YOU KNOW? If you already have, or [...]

Dec 15, 2017

SWIIM Activity Continues In Central, Coastal Valleys

2017-12-15T09:30:32-07:00Dec 15, 2017|

Deployments continue to heat up in both the Central and Coastal Valleys of California, with growers and co-ops alike seeing the increasing need for accurate ag water planning and water management.  One client recently noted, "I look at SWIIM as an insurance policy on my water allocations.  The farm management tools related to water are [...]

Nov 16, 2016

Another SWIIM Custom Deployment #farmwaterbudget

2016-11-16T11:55:39-07:00Nov 16, 2016|

Kudos to the SWIIM team - #farmwaterbudget.  They are defying all logic and creating monitoring stations in an area that was supposed to be "unmonitorable."Data available to SWIIM Manager via telemetry, near-real-time.Back-up sensor we use in non-lined channels to double-check core diversion data.  More data is better than less (or one source).SWIIM continues to amaze [...]

Sep 18, 2011

How can I quickly get up to speed using SWIIM Planner?

2011-09-18T10:47:11-06:00Sep 18, 2011|

The best way to get an understanding of SWIIM System and more specifically, how to use SWIIM Planner, is to watch the introductory videos provided for you at swiimsystem.com.  If you haven’t viewed them yet, you may do so here:  http://www.swiimsystem.com/videos If you’d like a written summary of the steps required to get from a blank [...]

Sep 06, 2011

How Can I Improve my Optimization Results?

2011-09-06T10:44:39-06:00Sep 06, 2011|

Generally SWIIM® Optimizer Input Wizard in SWIIM Planner will result in a recommended cropping pattern which will produce a much higher net return than your current practices (especially if you decrease your water allotment to allow for a portion of your CU to be leased).However in some cases, depending on your inputs to the wizard, [...]

Jun 25, 2011

Where’s my local town?

2011-06-25T10:42:29-06:00Jun 25, 2011|

Many smaller towns may not be displayed in the background map provided by ESRI.  If you don’t see a town you’d like to use to help you find your farm, turn on the Cities layer in the Map Table of Contents.  To do so:Expand the ‘Base’ layer group in the Map Table of Contents by [...]

Apr 20, 2011

Why does SWIIM Planner use a map?

2011-04-20T10:40:05-06:00Apr 20, 2011|

At our group beta test session yesterday we were asked by one of the attendees:"Why do you use a map to enter the farm and fields?  Why not just let the user enter the data in a table?" This is a good question (or questions to be precise).  There are several reasons for using a [...]