Aug 09, 2018

SWIIM System Announces the Closing of its Initial Series B-1 Round; Strategic Partnership with Western Growers Also Extended

2018-08-08T21:46:06-06:00Aug 09, 2018|

August 9, 2018 -- Denver, CO (BUSINESSWIRE)– Ag Tech and farm water management leader SWIIM System is proud to announce today that it has closed the first of two tranches of its Series B-1 extension offering to fund continued expansion of its water management platform.  Proceeds will also be used to fund the recent acquisition [...]

Jun 11, 2018

SWIIM Board Meets For Mid-Year Meeting

2018-06-11T10:45:46-06:00Jun 11, 2018|

SWIIM's Board of Directors and Officers met in Southern California for its mid-year, in-person board meeting last week.  This included a visit from the company's Australian backers based out of Melbourne.  A beautiful and productive day in Laguna Beach as the team wrapped up plans for a series of major announcements that will be forthcoming [...]

Dec 19, 2017

SWIIM Interest Continues In CA, CO and AZ

2017-12-13T16:32:32-07:00Dec 19, 2017|

We are now receiving in-bound interest, unsolicited from growers throughout California, Colorado and now, most recently, Arizona. Open channel and pipe-flow water are being monitored - in high-risk areas throughout the West. Monitoring in-channel, at the headgate/turnout and at the application site itself.  Then comprehensive, integrated consumption data is compiled throughout each day, to provide [...]

Sep 27, 2017

SWIIM Checks Measurements in Palo Verde

2017-09-27T11:08:08-06:00Sep 27, 2017|

SWIIM's team doesn't just "install and run."  As a part of our service, we regularly check calibration of in-field and remote-sensed data. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A VIDEO OF THE PROCESS Whether the data comes from an open-channel measurement (as pictured below), or pipe, we regularly check equipment integrity - we believe bad data in, [...]

Sep 19, 2017

SWIIM’s Latest Office In Fresno – Open For Business!

2017-09-18T21:02:31-06:00Sep 19, 2017|

The SWIIM team has been hard at work outfitting our latest deployment hub - located directly off of Highway 99 in Fresno. The desks are up, equipment in place. Trucks equipped and ready for continued activity throughout the Central Valley - as far south as Bakersfield. As deployments continue, we help a new round [...]

Aug 31, 2017

Deployments Expand Throughout Central California

2017-08-31T11:15:42-06:00Aug 31, 2017|

It seems that our technical team is spending more and more time on small 8-seat turbo-prop planes heading to regions without significant air carrier service.  Darren Fillmore, our Chief Water Engineer, spends countless hours traveling from region to region as he coordinates with his team. Although most of our operations are focused currently around Frenso [...]

Aug 30, 2017

Jason Scheibel Joins the SWIIM Team

2017-08-30T10:39:54-06:00Aug 30, 2017|

We are pleased to announce the addition of Jason Scheibel to the SWIIM team. Jason comes to us from CropX where he served as National Sales Manager.  He brings 20+ years of experience in irrigation sales and sales management, and a wealth of ag industry experience.  He will be focusing on current clients in California, [...]

Aug 29, 2017

SWIIM’s Use Continues To Grow – All Sources of Water

2017-09-01T10:41:38-06:00Aug 29, 2017|

SWIIM provides a seamless method to plan, manage, monitor and report all sources of agricultural water – fresh, reclaimed, and blended surface water and groundwater.  A recent deployment for a client that has multiple irrigation methods - all on one operation. Pressurized, furrow and tail flow... SWIIM provides detailed, stand-alone delivery reports as well as [...]

Aug 08, 2017

AgTech Mashup: Startups Collaborate on New Ideas to Advance Industry

2017-08-30T10:41:23-06:00Aug 08, 2017|

It’s 3 p.m. and Jeffrey Orrey, CEO of GeoVisual Analytics, is pulling up a computer screen full of red, yellow and blue pictures to analyze the imagery collected from the fields earlier that morning. “We routinely monitor the fields using airplanes, drones and mobile phones to help farmers reduce production uncertainties and increase profits,” said [...]

Jul 24, 2017

Deployments Continue Throughout California and Colorado

2017-07-19T16:36:44-06:00Jul 24, 2017|

SWIIM team member builds sensors for our latest deployments in California and Colorado  Deployments continue in California's Imperial and Central Valley's, as well as San Luis Valley in Colorado. Our technical team has been hard at work, managing the timelines and getting equipment ready for an ever growing list of  clients.The addition of our [...]