A month ago, the Colorado drought map, especially the Lower Colorado River Basin, looked apocalyptic.  While the exceptional drought dropped to .1% in the state, 21.7% of the state was still in extreme drought, and 17.9% of the state was in severe drought.

Fast forward to today.
0% of the state in exceptional drought.  .6% of the state in extreme drought, and 5.7% in severe drought.  Today, moderate drought covers 19.1% of the state, and abnormally dry covers 57.6%  What a month!

Yesterday, March 13, Colorado’s front range experienced a rare Bomb Cyclone,  bringing hurricane force winds, snow and blizzard conditions, and essentially shut Colorado’s Front Range down.
March is Colorado’s snowiest month and we are only half way in.  We could end up with a record setting month!