Ariel view of the Colorado River

Today is Colorado River Day!  97 years ago, U.S. legislation was passed to rename the river from “Grande” to “Colorado”.  Over 36 million people and 4 million acres of agriculture depend on the river, a powerhouse that has reshaped the land and drives the economy of the west.
Did you know?

  • The Colorado River supports $1.4 trillion in annual economic activity and 16 million jobs in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming
  • That’s equivalent to about 1/12 of the total U.S. domestic product, meaning the Colorado River’s contribution is important to the national economy as well
  • For each of these western states, the river accounts for at least half of its gross economic product. The total is much higher for some state economies, including 65% in New Mexico and 87% in Nevada.

So take a moment today to raise a glass of your favorite beverage and toast the mighty Colorado River!