Congratulations to SWIIM’s Victor Montaño for completing Irrigation Association’s Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist program.  His years of experience does not prevent him from keeping current with the industry.  In his words, “I am perpetually learning and gaining knowledge.”
Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialists manage and operate on-farm irrigation systems.  They:

  • Understand surface irrigation methods and pressurized systems, including microirrigation and sprinklers.
  • Evaluate crops and determine water availability and use requirements.
  • Understand soil-plant-water relationships and how salinity affects irrigation.
  • Select the most effective irrigation methods and equipment for the application.
  • Develop efficient and cost-effective irrigation schedules that meet the crop’s water requirement.

SWIIM’s team members are constantly learning – the best team in the business, but not above challenging their knowledge base.
We encourage all of our team members to stay current – and cover their costs.  It is that important to us.