Day 2 of the Forbes AgTech Summit 2019 is underway in downtown Salinas, CA.  Highlights yesterday included a keynote by Steve Forbes, a speech from Western Growers EVP and SWIIM board member Dave Puglia and the CEO of Land O’ Lakes, Beth Ford.  All discussing the need for ag-tech to help spur innovation in agriculture and help sustain our food supply, which in many ways is at-risk.

Dave Puglia, EVP of Western Growers and SWIIM board member


SWIIM CEO Kevin France and Steve Forbes

SWIIM has been recognized as a Top 25 Ag Tech company, globally, two years in a row – the only two years that the award was offered at the Salinas conference.  This year, Forbes will offer a similar type of award at their ag-tech conference in Indianapolis focused on the Mid-west agricultural region.