SWIIM is proud to announce that Forbes Magazine ranked SWIIM as one of the top 25 most innovative ag-tech companies of 2017. With SWIIM’s growing list of marquee clients and its partnership with Western Growers Association, it is in a position to help growers of all sizes combat challenges associated with their water supplies.

“The ag tech space right now is in a very unique position. You can’t ignore the fundamentals,” says vice president of Business Development at AgTech Accelerator Corp., Corey Huck. “You have to produce a lot more crop on limited acres, and 70% of fresh water is already being used in agriculture. We have to do more with less at the end of the day and the only way you can do that is with technology.”

SWIIM  is currently deploying its technology throughout California and Colorado and provides actionable data – without the dreaded “information overload” that farm managers have often times dealt with around effectively managing their water supplies.  It eliminates disconnected results common with other on-farm data acquisition platforms. SWIIM acts as your on-farm water accountant, providing a full service, turn-key solution that produces a very accurate and easy-to-read on-farm water budget. It includes a software suite and patented process that enables agricultural water users to plan, manage and optimize crop water use through the use of sensors, data loggers, telemetry and remote sensing via satellite.

SWIIM is compatible with surface delivered water, groundwater (pipe) or a combination of both sources on one, or multiple fields. The system works alone or integrates with common irrigation scheduling systems. It works with furrow, sprinkler, drip or a combination of irrigation methods within an operation. 

To find the 25 ag-tech startups that carry the most potential, Forbes says they surveyed the agricultural technology landscape by speaking with experts, venture capitalists and accelerators; then, they examined financials and each company’s agricultural credentials.

From Forbes, “The 25 Most Innovative Ag-Tech Startups,” by Chloe Sorvino, Forbes Staff

Original URL:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/maggiemcgrath/2017/06/28/the-25-most-innovative-ag-tech-startups/