SWIIM’s instrumentation and data sources provides the most accurate assessment of crop water usage currently available.  This includes highly accurate climatic data, through multiple sources.  However – there is a source that beats SWIIM’s accuracy, hands down.
Ever heard of a weather rock?  If not, you haven’t been around enough ag fields.  It is the most comprehensive, guaranteed accurate form of climatic measurement available.  This one is from a site in the western US, although they are available on just about every ag field out there.
The history of the weather rock goes back generations – yes, it does poke fun at the intricate technology used in processing modern climatic data.  Of course, although measuring accurate crop-water budgets (to which climate data is an important input) and the implication it can have on ag water availability isn’t a joking matter, we still can take a well placed joke here and there.
With many of our clients currently in harvest, this is a great time to visit a local grower – and thank them for their contribution to our food supply.  If you need a refresher on how to use a weather rock, please read the instructions in the included picture, and enjoy!