The best way to get an understanding of SWIIM System and more specifically, how to use SWIIM Planner, is to watch the introductory videos provided for you at  If you haven’t viewed them yet, you may do so here: 

If you’d like a written summary of the steps required to get from a blank map to an optimized farm, refer to the ‘Getting Started’ text that is displayed when you first start SWIIM Planner.  If you’ve chosen to no longer view ‘Getting Started’ at startup, you may still find it in the SWIIM Planner Start dropdown menu:

Finally, if you aren’t sure how to use a specific tool in the menu, notice that the help content is context sensitive and changes as tools are selected.  Read the help for detailed information on using a given tool.  If you would like to review the help prior to using a feature, click the ‘?’ in the upper top right of any help screen and you’ll be returned to the help system ‘Introduction’ page from which you can browse all help content.

If you need more help, contact SWIIM Customer Support at