A full service, turn-key solution that produces a very accurate on-farm water budget. It provides cost-effective, field- or crop-level, actionable data. It includes a software suite that enables agricultural water users to plan, manage and optimize crop water use through the use of sensors, data loggers, telemetry and remote sensing via satellite.

SWIIM is used on permanent and annual crops and is compatible with surface delivered water, groundwater (pipe) or a combination of both sources on one, or multiple fields. It works with furrow, sprinkler, drip or a combination of irrigation methods within an operation. The system works alone or integrates with common irrigation scheduling systems.

SWIIM includes a groundbreaking blend of multi-patented technology capabilities growers and irrigation managers use to achieve new levels of efficient water use, analysis and conservation.


An easy-to-use interface designed for farmers, ranchers and other water right owners to optimize their farm income and water use. Co-developed under a multi-year research and development contract with the US Department of Agriculture, the system utilizes region-specific data, which is compared against real-life activities in the field.



An interface designed for water managers including ditch companies, irrigation districts, large-scale corporate growers and farming co-ops. The package is designed to allow for aggregation of a series of fields water budgets. This includes monitoring and reporting of actual applied and consumed water use within a region.



The SWIIM technology package was developed alongside the U.S. Department of Agriculture and regional land grant research universities over six years and a PhD dissertation was based upon the technology. It enables agricultural water users and managers to optimize water rights, monitor multiple crop water budgets simultaneously, conserve water and increase net income for agricultural operations. SWIIM’s turn-key package – comprehensive optimization, water management, monitoring and reporting toolset, includes a customized dashboard, instrumentation and remote sensing system seamlessly integrated to provide for easy to read, actionable data, updated automatically through each day. Growers use SWIIM to monitor field- or crop-level water budgets with greater accuracy and efficiency.


SWIIM is designed to help agricultural producers plan their crops with a specific water budget in mind and is configured with regularly-updated, local crop production and water use data, complimented with in-field and remote-sensed data to provide for the highest level of accuracy. It allows, on a system-wide and scalable basis, for planning of water budgets, monitors actual use to assure compliance and provides a system for tracking the allotment of on-farm conserved water. It can allow for incentives to be provided for participating agricultural producers to save water on their respective farming operation. The SWIIM System delivers planning, management and accounting power to individual growers and water managers alike, similar data on water to that which accountants and CPAs use for financial accounting to know where every dollar is spent. Water managers use SWIIM’s comprehensive planning and reporting tools to accurately measure and efficiently manage grower-specific and aggregate crop-water budgets on a system-wide basis, regardless if the source is groundwater, surface water or a combination of the two sources. SWIIM has been academically tested and vetted by industry leaders in multiple regions. Designed to be an efficient and profitable solution for agricultural water stakeholders, SWIIM uses a groundbreaking blend of technological capabilities to transform water rights and legal water allocations into a valuable revenue stream.