SWIIM enjoyed hosting a booth a presenting at the 2019 Growing Innovations conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.
We announced the recent strategic partnership with RDO Water and our partners at RDO Water provided information to many of their clients during the conference.
SWIIM’s on-farm water accounting platform helps growers track their water allocation and plan its most effective use.  You can’t manage what you don’t monitor, and SWIIM as the equvalent of your CPA for your water rights, counts every drop of your water, so that you can make every drop count.
Through the partnership with RDO Water, if you have already installed monitoring or automation equipment, in most cases, SWIIM’s software platform can be integrated into your current equipment.  SWIIM will work with RDO to add equipment if needed, and add climate and satellite data to produce the most accurate water accounting report currently available.
Thank you to our newest strategic partner, RDO Water!