SWIIM’s CEO Kevin France presented at the 2018 California Irrigation Institute annual conference in Sacramento, discussing the state of water availability throughout the state, and the solution we look to provide.
He was a part of a panel comprised of ag-tech companies that are looking to provide solutions to water scarcity and the inevitability of continued compliance requirements as it relates to groundwater throughout the state.
“May I see by a show of hands, or groans, who in this room isn’t concerned about their ag water availability?”  With the latest article just published in the Sacramento Bee newspaper contemplating the return of drought, it is of no surprise that there were no hands raised.
During the question and answer session he was asked what the biggest challenge was as it relates to ag-tech acceptance by growers. His response was as follows.  “Our sales director made a comment to me recently that resonates with me to this day.  When I asked him what he thought the major hurdle was to growers accepting a planning and management tool like SWIIM, his response was as follows.  The only competitor or alternative to such as system is complacency.”
Complacency is not an option to most growers – certainly not to our clients.