SWIIM CEO Kevin France testified in front of a House subcommittee regarding farming in the 21st century, discussing the impacts of agriculture technology in rural America. Topics included the challenges around surface and groundwater availability, broadband connectivity in these regions and other relevant topics.  He discussed the challenges with ag-tech adoption and the importance of growers monitoring their water allocations. He discussed the need to find funding support from the federal government to foster swifter adoption of ag-tech where possible.  He states as follows.

“Our clients tell us they fear for their livelihoods, and the legacy of their operations, many of which have been in their families for generations. Growers need access to updated technologies to fight the consequences of drought and lack of water availability that is widespread throughout the US.”

Helping growers track and protect their water allocations is critical – our food supply is at stake.
View the entire written testimony here, or watch the video below.