Certification and Water Sustainability

The following agricultural professionals have committed to growing quality food in a truly sustainable way and have submitted to third-party water balance monitoring and verification.  Not all SWIIM clients are necessarily certified – growers must specifically apply and be approved for this certification.  This list is regularly updated.

SWIIM is able to certify that growers have committed to sustainable water use, as they look to be as efficient with their water supply as possible when growing their crops. The list of growers shown here are currently certified as sustainable on at least a portion of their fields and are approved to use SWIIM’s sustainability certification on their applicable products and in their marketing materials.

SWIIM only certifies product produced from a SWIIM water balance-monitored field.  When you see the SWIIM Certified™ logo in their field, on a grower’s product in the store, on their website, on a certificate in their office or elsewhere, you know that item was grown with the upmost respect for water sustainability efforts.

Central/Coastal California

Terranova Ranch

Sran Family Orchard

Kisling Farms

Orrandre Farming

Southern California

Desert Sky Ranch

NCR Ranch

JR Callens & Sons Ranch

Auza Farms

Callens Farms

Ruegger Farming