SWIIM Certified™ sites continue to pop up throughout each of our regions as new growers join the growing list of clients that wish to acknowledge their commitment to water sustainability.  The pump station shown here is located in Bakersfield and the second is located in Southern California’s Imperial Valley (and is providing additional promotion to Swift truck in the background).
What is SWIIM Certification™, you might ask?  It is an independent, third-party confirmation of crop-water budgets. SWIIM only certifies product produced from a SWIIM water balance-monitored field. When you see the SWIIM Certified™ logo on a sign in a field, on a grower’s product in the store or elsewhere, you know that specific item was grown with the upmost respect with regard to water sustainability efforts.
This process can also allow for ease of state and district water use compliance and exceeds the data required in most regions. SWIIM also has the power to identify, quantify and monitor a whole new “bucket” of water not previously considered by most for conservation of on-farm water allotments.
To learn more about SWIIM Certification™, visit our page here.