FRESNO–(BUSINESS WIRE)—Agricultural water accounting leader SWIIM System announces today that it has entered into a long-term, strategic sales and distribution agreement with Merced-based Central Irrigation and Water and Land Solutions, trusted companies that deploy irrigation equipment and services for growers, water districts and Groundwater Sustainability Agencies throughout the San Joaquin Valley of California.
The companies partnering with SWIIM are affiliates of Ag Center 59 – a consortium of agricultural professionals working together to provide quality, needed services through a team of industry leaders.  Under the agreement, Ag Center 59’s affiliates will assist in further bolstering sales and distribution of SWIIM’s water accounting solutions to San Joaquin Valley growers and water districts  concerned about the impending implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).  Those concerned about long-term availability of surface water supplies are also looking to integrate the SWIIM solution into their operations, to remain sustainable and profitable, well into the future.
“This sales and distribution agreement will allow SWIIM to expand its reach more rapidly throughout the San Joaquin Valley, with the help of the well-respected agricultural professionals from Ag Center 59,” said Kevin France, CEO of SWIIM.  He added, “With submission of groundwater management plans looming in 2020, this agreement couldn’t have been reached at a better time.”
“As groundwater pumping becomes regulated and irrigation water becomes more scarce, accurate accounting of all water sources will be paramount for long term farm planning and survival,” said Brad Samuelson, Managing Partner of Water and Land Solutions. He added, “SWIIM’s platform has proven reliable, is easy for farmers to use and we are looking forward to working with the grower community to further implement their product.”
“Our team at Central Irrigation believes the future of agriculture will demand accurate and prompt data, especially in terms of water consumption and accounting,” said Keith Yamamoto, President of Merced-based Central Irrigation. He added, “Our partnership with SWIIM is a major step towards solving our growers’ needs and properly managing our most valuable resource, water.”
The agreement further adds weight to SWIIM’s already-established partnership with Western Growers Association and better positions the company to help growers of all sizes manage challenges associated with restricted water supplies. The company works with both individual growers and water districts alike, to assure accurate measurement of agricultural water supplies.
About SWIIM: Its multi-patented technology was developed over a 5-year period with the help of the USDA and several western land-grant universities. SWIIM maintains a one-of-a-kind, long-term strategic distribution agreement with Western Growers and has been recognized as a Top 25 Ag-tech company by Forbes two years running. The technology is currently being deployed throughout the western U.S. to help growers account and manage their agricultural water budgets and protect their water allocations.
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