Kevin France, SWIIM’s CEO was featured on Ag Center at 59’s The Toast podcast, alongside Brad Samuelson and Chase Hurley. Hosts Doug Brunner and Keith Yamamoto spoke with them about one of the major issues facing California farmers, water! From the importance of water accounting to California water regulations, The Toast offers listeners a detailed conversation about how water is greatly affecting growers and what steps you should take to best accommodate new changes and challenges in the industry.  Kevin is quoted as follows:

“The amount of time and effort you spend tracking your financial records. Think about that, and the amount of time one spends on tracking their water use. The fact that regarding water use, there is no substitute, no alternative. You can go to a different seed manufacturer, different equipment manufacturer. You can get an alternative input for your farming operation for all of your inputs, expect one – water. For that, there is no alternative.”
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As is expected at the conclusion of the Toast podcast, all of the participants finish with a toast and the hosts asked Kevin for the chosen drink.  He picked a single malt scotch, which was enjoyed by the participants at the conclusion of the recording session.

SWIIM will return the favor – “Here’s to the fine folks at Ag Center at 59, and the hard work they do each day servicing hard working growers throughout the San Joaquin Valley with trusted ag services and irrigation support.”