The SWIIM operations team recently met in El Centro California and visited SWIIM sites in Imperial Valley and Palo Verde.

Left To Right: Front: Darren Fillmore,Don Sanborn Back: Cooper Cohen, Philip Drew, Bob Scott, Derek Witt, Ben Palen, Astrid Vreugdenhil, Victor Montano, George Rogers

The team visited several sites in Holtville, where the skies were a dynamic contrast to the sun lit fields.

Measuring water flow with a Sontek Flow Meter 2 (aka Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) with an open channel measurement.  We took a series of measurements, in this case at five spots across the channel, and the unit records the data from each measurement, and then calculates the flow.

The team visited Yuma Arizona to tour the Yuma County Water Users Association.  They measure water on a huge scale!  Yuma is known as the winter salad bowl of America!  A huge thank you to Dan Bodine and Mark Shelton from YCWUA for showing us their methods of open channel water measurements despite a surprise rain storm.