SWIIM was featured alongside other Central California technology thought-leaders in a national broadcast special on the Australian Broadcast Company’s program entitled, “California looks to Australia for ways to manage its groundwater after worst-ever drought.”  SWIIM’s CEO was interviewed for the piece, after presenting to a group of interntional journalists at the Western Growers Center of Innovation and Technology in Salinas, CA.
Excerpts are as follows.
Kevin France is also offering up a way of protecting the allocations that farmers have. He is part of the Western Growers Association Center for Innovation in the Salina’s Valley and is essentially a water accountant.
He developed an “accurate, actionable and auditable data” system in conjunction with the US Department of Agriculture, which also has the backing of two Australian investors.
“You’re talking about the livelihoods of the legacy generations of growers that are for the first time in their history looking at the real distinct possibility that they might have to go out of business and not provide food security for the country,” he said.
“It’s a serious problem.”
He said Australia was offering some sound examples of how to proceed.”We saw what happened in Australia and saw the writing on the wall. In some regards, Australia went through exactly what’s likely going to happen in the United States,” Mr France said.
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