SWIIM now maintains a full-time office presence in Merced at the Ag Center 59 Campus, on, your guessed it  – Highway 59.  We stand alongside our partners at Central Irrigation and Water and Land Solutions.  SWIIM team members are available to meet with growers to discuss their on farm water accounting needs.
Many growers are concerned about the ramifications of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) as progress is made by local groundwater management authorities look to figure out how to manage groundwater into the next several decades.  Combining surface water supplies (if available) can be a daunting task.  SWIIM is here to help make sense of the data, as data is the key to survival as water supplies continue to dwindle.
SWIIM’s CEO, Kevin France (pictured here), was the first to sit at the SWIIM desk – getting it broken in for other team members.  We have team members rotating through the Ag Center throughout the week.  Next time you swing by the Center, feel free to visit with us and pick up a SWIIM hat, coffee mug or other SWIIM swag as it is available.
We are proud to expand our reach alongside trusted ag professionals in the region.  We thank them for their hospitality!