From left to right: Kevin France (SWIIM), Greg Lewis (Duda Fresh), Harry Ferdon (SWIIM), Dave Puglia (Western Growers) and Darren Fillmore (SWIIM)

Members of the SWIIM team, including Dave Puglia, SWIIM board member and Executive Vice President of Western Growers, had the honor of touring Duda Fresh’s celery packing facility in Oxnard, California where they pack their celery and deliver it in a matter of days to locations far and wide – so that we can all enjoy their product.
The level of commitment this organization has to best practices as it relates to quality and food safety should be a model for others.  Their concern around accurate water accounting and appropriate use of this valuable resource is another example of how best practice ag professionals throughout the western US must balance so much, to provide us the best produce available.
Thank you to Duda Fresh and their affiliate partners!