SWIIM’s Chief Water Engineer/Project Manager, and expert in on-farm water conservation, Darren Fillmore spoke on the water innovation panel at Innovation in Imperial, sponsored by Western Growers.  “Enormous amounts of information can be gathered on a farm operation – the key is to digest the information into something that is usable.  We talk to growers about adopting innovative technologies  such as ours every day and many are willing to adopt – more than you’d think would.”
SWIIM has been working in the Imperial Valley for three years now, helping to establish base line data on water application and use.  We help growers make informed decisions around their limited water use and provide an accounting report similar to what you would see on your bank account statement – but for a grower’s water account.  The technology works on all forms of irrigation.  In Imperial, we are dealing exclusively with better managing Imperial’s Colorado River allocation.