There is nothing better than taking a day out with SWIIM clients to conduct field tours  of SWIIM installations throughout our regions.  Here we are touring an open channel, above-water monitoring site in Blythe, CA.  The sensors on top of the channel transmit near-real-time flow, as it is happening through the equipment located in the background, transmitted to the internet.  That data is then automatically “meshed” with field-specific consumption data from weather and satellite data.  We like to see clients sporting our “SWIIM activewear” – hats and shirts (notice in the picture below).

This is an example of a sensor located underwater – a Doppler device, transmitting data back to the cloud for processing.

No mater the source – open channel or pipe flow, and no matter the irrigation method – sprinkler, furrow or drip, SWIIM is the most experienced on-farm water accounting firm in existent.  You can not manage what you don’t accurately measure.