Join us Friday, October 9th @ 12 P.M. Pacific time to learn about SWIIM and its integration with WiseConn equipment and telemetry. Learn how SWIIM, combined with WiseConn can further help growers achieve desired yields through the use of plant sensors, plant requirement recommendations, and data analytics.

DID YOU KNOW? If you already have, or are considering, WiseConn telemetry for your farming operation, with the flip of a switch, you can add the power of SWIIM’s water balance data easily, without adding new equipment.  SWIIM is able to connect with most already-installed brands of commercial irrigation automation equipment in the field, through its on-farm dashboard platform, which allows us to use the data you already have access to, to provide detailed, multi-dimensional water use data with the system you already have.
A list of current of SWIIM-compatible equipment providers is located here. Don’t see your equipment vendor listed?  Contact us to discuss integrating your equipment provider of choice.